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Defense Against a DUI Causing Death or Substantial Bodily Harm

Defenses Against Fraud Accusations


Fraud Accusations Need An Experienced Fraud Lawyer Being booked on fraud accusations means the law believes you willfully deceived with the intent to gain personally or financially. Fraud is also defined as intentionally deceiving in order to persuade another person to part with something valuable. Criminals continue to find new ways to commit fraud, but […]

Advice from Jesse Kalter: House Arrest Before Trial for Domestic Violence

Pros and Cons for House Arrest Before a Trial for Domestic Violence

There are Pros and Cons for House Arrest Before a Trial for Domestic Violence A person does not have to be convicted to be placed under house arrest. If the charges against a person are serious enough and the judge does not feel comfortable leaving them at liberty while they are awaiting trial, they can […]

What Should You Do After You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence

Charged with Domestic Violence

Being Charged with Domestic Violence Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty It is a frightening and stressfull event to be charged with domestic violence, especially in the world we live in today. If you are innocent, it is imperative to protect your innocence against an accusation like this. A domestic violence conviction can affect your ability to […]

2nd Time DUI in Reno, NV

There are numerous indicators which police officers look for to determine if they should pull over a person for suspected drunk driving, which may include: Driving above the speed limit Turning without signaling Driving too slowly Driving too slowly Stopping unnecessarily Driving at night without the use of head lights A drunk driving arrest is […]