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An Experienced Reno Criminal Defense Attorney
Dedicated to Fighting for Client Freedom

Hiring Jesse Kalter as a your defense attorney is the first step to getting the best possible outcome for a criminal charge. I have the experience and the knowledge to defend all kinds of criminal cases including felony charges, DUIs, domestic battery, drug crimes, sexual assault, fraud, or any other criminal charge. I have a fire and a tenacity for truth and justice augmented by years of comprehensive defense strategy creation.

Whether you’re up against serious legal charges, or you’re fighting for compensation rightfully due to you after an accident, the right lawyer can make all the difference in the world. Considered one of the best Reno Criminal Law Firms for a reason, Jesse Kalter will go to great lengths to fight for your freedom and to successfully defend your case. Aggressive in his approach and respected in the field, Jesse Kalter has successfully represented thousands of clients across Northern Nevada.

A DUI Defense Attorney Ready 24 Hours a Day

Hiring the right DUI Lawyer is CRUCIAL to having the best DUI defense. A conviction for a first time DUI means mandatory fines, alcohol/drug classes, loss of your license, and potential jail. For a second DUI, there are significantly enhanced penalties and it is a felony for a third offense DUI within seven years. Jesse Kalter Law knows how to handle each one of these cases and how to get the case thrown out or the penalties reduced.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer That Can Handle Any Accusation

Being accused of domestic violence/battery is a very serious charge. Even if the alleged victim does not want to continue pressing charges, the district attorney’s office can continue with the case. If someone has been accused of domestic violence/battery they need to get in touch with a domestic violence lawyer even if they are innocent. More often than not these cases have to go to court in order to clear a person’s name. Entering into this situation without a domestic violence lawyer could end in a long jail term, very expensive fines, counseling, and loss of gun rights. A third offense domestic battery is a felony and requires mandatory prison time if convicted.

Three Reasons To Call Jesse Kalter Law

A criminal defense lawyer who is dedicated to knowing the ins & outs of the legal system. There are no marketing gimmicks and Jesse Kalter handles each case for his clients personally.

A lawyer that is easy to get ahold of. Whether it’s by phone, email, or an office walk-in, Jesse Kalter is highly accessible and always ready to undertake any legal proceeding.

Jesse Kalter fell in love with the people and culture of Northern Nevada in 2001. It is a place he calls home and he wants to see bloom and prosper like it wants to. That’s why he does everything he can to help the people of Reno, Sparks, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

Jesse Kalter Law is Experienced in Multiple Aspects of Criminal Defense

Jesse Kalter has had hundreds of charges dismissed for many clients and received numerous “not guilty” jury verdicts for wrongful accusations. Jesse Kalter Law has worked with all kinds of cases across multiple areas of the law. Jesse is experienced as a DUI attorney, domestic violence lawyer, and records expungement lawyer. He is available to assist with sexual assault and lewdness charges, fraud/theft charges, drug charges, and homicide and murder charges.

A Reno Defense Lawyer Ready to Build A Solid Defense.
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