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7 Safety Tips for Backpacking Around Lake Tahoe

7 Safety Tips for Backpacking Around Lake Tahoe

7 Safety Tips for Backpacking Around Lake Tahoe

Backpacking Around Lake Tahoe is Beautiful but it can be Treacherous

Lake Tahoe affords some of the world’s most picturesque views on the planet. Locals and tourists agree that backpacking around Lake Tahoe is one of the best ways to see them. Several trails are available to backpack or camp if you prefer an extended stay.

Echo Lakes is an eight-mile hike round trip. It can be reduced to three if you take the paid water shuttle across the lakes. The Tahoe Rim Trail is 165 miles of trail offering some of the best scenic views to be found anywhere on Lake Tahoe. There are also several other amazing trails to be found around Lake Tahoe.

Whether you are new to the area or you are returning for your tenth year, it’s always important to stay safe when traversing the trails of Lake Tahoe. Wildlife, slippery rocks, and steep falls are just a few of the dangers that can be found in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Backpacking Around Lake Tahoe is Much Safer When You Follow These Tips:

1. Plan your Route

Make sure you plan your route explicitly. You need to know how many miles you plan to cover in a day and make sure you have your stopping points clearly marked on a map. Even if you’ve walked the trails before, it’s important to always bring a map, in case your cell phone loses service.

2. Know the Terrain

Familiarize yourself with the surrounding area. You can research what to expect on the trail, including rocks, roots, and potential hazards. Be sure to look into the local wildlife. Knowing what to watch out for is the best ways to avoid any unnecessary encounters. Finally, review the indigenous plants to stay away from potentially poisonous or harmful ones.

3. Bring a Friend or Hike with a Group

You should never hike alone. If an accident does happen, you need someone there to call for assistance. Even if you should just suffer a small sprain, getting back to your vehicle can be a difficult thing to do on your own.

4. Check the Weather

You don’t want to get caught in a sudden snow or rainstorm. The temperature can go down below freezing after the sun goes down. It’s important you make sure conditions are favorable for long-term backpacking around Lake Tahoe.

5. Check your Gear and Supplies

Here’s a list of some of the basics you will want to consider when backpacking around Lake Tahoe:

  • Hiking boots
  • Customized first aid kit (Make sure it addresses the potential hazards Lake Tahoe has to offer)
  • Map, compass, and GPS
  • Sunscreen
  • Proper clothes, such as hat, jacket, and extra layers
  • Flashlight
  • Lighter or fire starter kit
  • Repair kit, including duct tape
  • Meals to last the length of the hike, plus at least an extra day’s supply of no-cook food
  • Water or water purification system or straw
  • Tent, space blanket, or tarp for shelter
  • Fully charged cell phone

6. Share Your Itinerary

Make sure someone who is not going on the trip has a copy of your full route and travel plan. If you are backpacking for more than one night, you should also check in with this person at each stop on your journey.

7. Final Preparations

Getting vaccinated is one more way to ensure your safety. The CDC offers a full list of recommended vaccines hikers and campers should have before going on a long excursion. Another way to ensure your peace of mind is to have an updated estate plan. No one plans a week of recreation expecting something bad to happen. However, without proper estate planning, if something bad does happen the state of Nevada will decide things, like who gets custody of your children and who will receive your assets.

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