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7 Safety Tips for Boating on Lake Tahoe

7 Safety Tips for Boating on Lake Tahoe

7 Safety Tips for Boating on Lake Tahoe

Staying Safe Means You Enjoy the Beauty Even More While Boating on Lake Tahoe

As the weather warms, thousands of locals and tourists have started enjoying the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe once again. One of the best ways to enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer is by boat. Approaching Eagle Falls by boat affords a majestic look at one of nature’s most beautiful sights. Fanette Island and the famed “Tea House” constructed by Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight within Emerald Bay is only accessible by boat or watercraft. There are also mountain views and aspects of California and Nevada that can only be enjoyed on the water.

Safety needs to be your number one concern when boating on Lake Tahoe. With such a high elevation, the weather can be fast-moving, and the water temperature may not be what you are used to. The following are a few safety tips for when you take to the water whether you are on a boat, a jet ski, or any other watercraft.

Tips for Staying Safe When Boating on Lake Tahoe

  1. Know the Water – The waters of Tahoe are very different than other places in the country. Water temperature averages 40 degrees from December through April, nearing 70 degrees along the shore. From May through August, things are a little warmer with an average lake temperature right around 70 degrees. Sudden immersion into waters this cool can stimulate the gasp reflex and cause a sudden inhalation of oxygen. It can even trigger cardiac arrest, temporary paralysis, and hypothermia that results in drowning. There are also unseen rocks, logs, and other runoff debris floating that can be a hazard to boating. Underwater hazards are also present. However, many of these hazards are marked off with a white buoy. Be sure to keep a lookout for them.
  2. Always Wear a Life Jacket – Whenever you are on open water, you need to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. You should also make sure that everyone on your boat is also wearing a life jacket that meets the same Coast Guard guidelines. Many lives are saved every year when someone falls from a boat because they were wearing a lifejacket.
  3. Share Your Float Plan with Someone on Land – A float plan states where you are going and how many people will be onboard your vessel. It also gives a vessel description, details about your destination, and what time you expect to arrive there. It’s important that someone on land is watching out for you in the event that inclement weather, or something worse, prevents your return.
  4. Check for Weather Changes – Weather needs to be checked before leaving on your excursion. High winds create fast-moving fronts that can quickly consume a boat making navigation very difficult. Sudden gusts of wind can crop up at any time and they can be strong enough to blow over smaller watercraft.
  5. Check the Safety Equipment – Make sure you have everything you will need in the event of an emergency. This includes a radio, lifejackets, compass and chart, fire extinguisher, anchor and line, paddle and bailer, lights, flares, and a sound signaling device. Basic tools and spare parts are also helpful in the event you need some on the lake repairs.
  6. Don’t Drink Alcohol and Boat on Lake Tahoe – Drinking and boating never end well. It is the number one reason for accidents on the lake. With so many other boats and watercraft congesting the waterways of Lake Tahoe, you really need to have a sharp mind and clear focus to keep everyone safe. If you do decide to drink, then you need to designate a driver for the boat. This is someone who has plans not to drink any alcohol and is comfortable driving a boat­.
  7. Follow All Boating Rules and Regulations – There are many rules and regulations that come with boating on an amazing natural wonder like Lake Tahoe. For example, there is a 600-foot no-wake zone from the shore around the entire lake that includes a posted speed limit of 5 MPH, enforced by patrol boats. You can find a full set of regulations here.

Proper Estate Planning Ensures Your Loved Ones Will Be Taken Care Of

Boating across Lake Tahoe is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. Nothing compares to mother nature’s beauty at thirty miles an hour across crystal clear waters. However, that beauty can be deceiving, and one poor decision could end in tragedy. If something happened to you on the lake, or anywhere, who would take care of your family? Will they be able to pay your medical or funeral costs? Would they be stuck in court before getting what you wanted them to have?

Taking the time to properly plan your estate, ensures that your assets are passed on to the people you want them to. Without estate planning, the state of Nevada will decide who gets custody of your children, who gets your money, and how much of your money they receive. This is all preventable by taking the time to properly plan your estate. LeAnn Schumann is an experienced estate planning attorney that works at Jesse Kalter Law. She has the experience and knowledge to help you effectively plan in the event something does go wrong. She is available to serve residents and visitors to Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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