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Meet Jesse Kalter

Jesse Kalter is a Dedicated Reno Attorney Ready to Fight for Your Freedom

Jesse Kalter founded his practice in 2006 with a dedication to justice and building the best possible defense for his clients. He is here to provide the most comprehensive and individualized criminal defense available. Jesse works face to face with his clients and listens intently to their side of the story. His goal is to provide the best possible course of action for a particular criminal charge and to fight for his clients’ freedom.

The greatest reward for Jesse is guiding a client through a very trying trial process and hearing those twelve jurors walk in and say “not guilty!” To know that the client was right, and that it was proven in a court of law “is the most wonderful feeling in the world”, says Jesse Kalter.

Jesse Kalter Was Called to Serve Justice

Jesse B. Kalter was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. Even from an early age, sports were a large part of his life. Through college, he played competitive Lacrosse while attending Gettysburg College.  It was this lifelong dedication to athletics that instilled a competitive drive in Jesse—A trait he now proudly displays in the courtroom as a criminal defense lawyer.

Jesse originally came to Reno and began selling casino uniforms in 2001. During this time two things became obvious to him: 1.) he hated selling casino uniforms, and 2.) there was a real need in Nevada for helping those unfairly accused of crimes and facing harsh sentencing. So, he took a three-year departure from Reno to obtain his law degree at Western New England University of Law on an academic scholarship. He began his legal career in Reno immediately following law school and opened his own law firm in 2006.

Jesse Kalter Shows Client Dedication Through Multiple Kinds of Cases

Jesse is an experienced criminal defense attorney. His record spans hundreds of trials and he has received countless “not guilty” verdicts. Whether he is defending drug charges, sexual assault charges, domestic battery, homicide, or a DUI, Jesse displays a tenacious desire for truth and justice. In many cases, if he can’t get a full acquittal, he can get the charges and penalties reduced and prevent any jail time. He takes that same competitive fire he lit up the sports field with and applies it to a person’s case working towards the best possible outcome. He is available to serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

Jesse Kalter has the Experience and the Knowledge to Fight for Your Freedom
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