Criminal lawyer in Reno & Northern Nevada


Darrell New
Darrell N.
If you are looking for an attorney you can stop now. You found him. Just read through these reviews. They are not exaggerating. Jesse and his team are everything these reviews say they are and more. He truly is a miracle worker. I was facing two serious felonies and guilty as charged when I found Jesse’s team. When they were done fighting for me, I was pleading to two minor misdemeanors. I was floored. I couldn’t believe it. They earned every penny that I paid them and then some. If they would take the money, I would pay them twice! It’s obvious that Jesse truly cares about his clients and makes them feel like they are family. Jesse’s team had my back through the whole process. They were there holding my hand every step of the way. They are extremely good at what they do and very knowledgeable and professional. I strongly recommend anyone needing a lawyer to consult with Jesse. If he takes your case, you can stop worrying. He will do everything humanly possible to ensure you get the best outcome possible.
linda seurer
linda S.
Where to start WOW, this guy Jesse Kalter is awesome! I swear I’m all the way in Alaska this was a very old case like 15 years old, he didn’t hesitate to take my case, he stood up for me, and I know in my heart he actually believed in me. He actually made me feel like he was gonna fight for my rights as well, he also got my case totally Dismissed. He was very Reasonable on price and very prompt on getting back to me, answered all my questions. If you need a lawyer for cases in Reno or Nevada he is your guy for sure.!!!!!!! I can’t promise your case would get dismissed but I can promise he’ll do his best and actually fight for you, understand your human and not judge you........
Janelle Tobar
Janelle T.
Jesse Kalter is as good as they come...and worth every dollar spent...he truely cares about his clients and fights for what is right for them..5 stars isnt enough stars...thank you Jesse!!!!
Avree Fontenot
Avree F.
Jesse is an amazing lawyer. I trusted him with everything and was NOT disappointed in the slightest. Him and his office are kind and professional, and were always in contact with me, and answered all my questions. I recommend him to anyone who may need a lawyer, and appreciate him and all the hard work him and his staff put in for their clients. I’m impressed with his knowledge and how he is a lawyer for YOU. Forever grateful for him. Worth every cent!
Avree M.
Avree M.
Jesse and his team are the most professional, kind, and knowledgeable office I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with! I was a ball of nerves and they did...
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle R.
I am beyond please with attorney Jesse Kalter and his staff. I called 3 other places before deciding to go with him. Mr. Kalter called me and walked me through what would be happening and it’s process. I felt very comfortable with him immediately. Every time I would email or call they would email me right back or give me a call back the same day. I couldn’t have chosen someone better. Very professional staff and you actually hear from your lawyer not compare to other places. I’m so happy I decided to be patient and get the best attorney possible.
My freedom is worth everything & thats why JKL will be my lawyer.
Ramon H.
Ramon H.
I had a phone conference with JK & all my questions were answered. Thank you JK.
David Pilkington
David P.
Jesse is a great Lawyer! If there were more stars I would rate him higher. I have caught two cases in the last year where I needed his assistance and he was the consummate professional. When I went to see him in his office he treated me with respect, he picked me up from feeling down and made me feel like a respectable human being. We all make mistakes and he reminded me of this fact and we got right to work on prepping for court. When the court date came, I had feelings of impending doom and Jesse rode in like a knight in shining armor and really worked with the judge and prosecutor to get my charges reduced. Not only was he able to get them reduced, he had all charges dropped but one so I was able to carry on with my everyday life and avoid hefty fines and jail. I cannot recommend Jesse enough, he really knows what he is doing and will do his best for you and remain empathetic and respectful to your times of crisis. I am proud to call Jesse a friend after what he has done for me and hope that some day we will get to spend time together for dinner and not in a court room. I will never forget what he has done for me this last year and god for bid if I have anything else happen I will be calling him up over anyone else. If you are scared or angry don't be, if you choose Jesse as your lawyer. He will go to bat for you and you will be glad he did. Excellent lawyer in court and excellent man in his office or when you meet him on the street.
Allison Hardy
Allison H.
Jesse treated my case like it was the only case he had! I felt so comfortable and safe with Jesse dealing with my case. I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better result or hard working attorney in the entire world to work with. I got my results so fast and it was beyond my expectations. I was so scared and felt helpless but jesse was literally my savior saved my reputation my life and I am eternally grateful for his hard work and being so willing to take daren of me at one of my weakest moments!!! If you decide to retain him or see him for a consultation I guarantee you will not come out with a better result he will fight for you till the end!!!!
Allison H.
Allison H.
Jesse treated my case like it was the only case he had! I felt so comfortable and safe with Jesse dealing with my case. I couldn't have possibly asked for a...
Chris Ruiz
Chris R.
I am so glad I went through with Jesse Kalter Law. They we very professional, they followed up with me to make sure we followed up with every step of my case. For my first DUI & not knowing the process at all, he guided me the entire way. He even referred me to great facilities to take care of all the tasks I needed to take care of by law for a first offense DUI. If you are contemplating on who to hire as an attorney, Jesse Kalter Law should be your choice hands down!
Oyeleye O.
Oyeleye O.
I highly recommend LeAnn and Jesse Kalter, himself. Both of these top notch lawyer handled my tough complicated case with dedication and pose. "A lawyer you...
Jaime Ber
Jaime B.
I highly recommend Jessie for a lawyer he is a honest down to earth guy very experienced and professional at what he does. If your reading this review no need to look no further hire Jessie as your lawyer!!you will be in good hands he got my case dropped at my hearing this morning.
Travis Lee
Travis L.
This guy is one of the best you can find! He and his team they are very courteous and professional you will always get a phone call reminding you of the time and place you need to be or if you even need to be there at all Mr. Kalter is a wonderful attorney that is well known very aggressive (in a good way) and the team makes sure things start to happen ASAP. Don’t settle for anything less spend a little more and get the best...In my case let’s just say greaaat results! Good luck Thank you Jesse Kalter Law
We highly recommend Jesse Kalter Law, very dependable, reasonable and honest Lawyer. Like a magician, he had a couple of my cases dismissed and just recently reduce another. So when it comes down to it, it truly is "how much is your freedom worth"?
Jim Robinson
Jim R.
Great attorney! Very friendly and professional! Definitely worth it.
Sydney Fritz
Sydney F.
Working with Jesse and LeAnn was amazing! They really worked hard on my case and got my DUI knocked down to a reckless driving. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.
Clint Harmon
Clint H.
Jesse Kalter and Leann Schuman thank you for being angels on my shoulders. Without both of you I never would of made it through this . Not guilty !!!! I owe it all to you both! God bless and from the bottom of my heart I truly thank both of you.
Mathew W.
Mathew W.
Jesse is a colleague of mine and I've always appreciated his dedication to his clients. He is honest, straightforward and gives his clients everything he has.
I was recommended to Jesse Kalter Law by a relative. I felt a lot of stress going into this but as soon as I talked to Jesse there was a level of relief out the door throughout the entire case. I am so blessed beyond words for that recommendation. Jesse was a beacon of hope to my son at a time that without him and his amazing staff would not have received fair representation. Jesse defended from unjust accusations and kept my sons best interest at hand at all times. As with any situation through representation or not, the outcome is not guaranteed. My son was represented better than I could have ever imagined. Jesse and staff treated my son like he was someone and not a number even through set-back. The ethics from Jesse and his staff are profound at the highest standards. Without his friendship, courtesy, knowledge and honesty the outcome could have been different, for that I am so grateful. “Not for a single moment, do we pause to consider the suffering of the client, nor the impact on the family members. An EXCELLENT Attorney does not apply to just facts, applicable law and to represent, but just as important is compassion. Jesse is a man of his words and truly a brilliant Attorney, I would not hesitate to recommend Jesse 100%.I can’t thank you Jesse and staff enough for your services provided to my son and his family. Sincerely,Teri Brenneis
Chris Zahara
Chris Z.
Jesse Kalter Law gave personal attention to detail for my son's case. He has been available to answer all my questions and make the court process less stressful. If you are looking for results, his firm is the one to choose!
Tina Patterson
Tina P.
Friendly caring staff that takes time to listen to your concerns.
Rybecca Fletcher
Rybecca F.
Jesse is the best at what he does! Had my dui dropped almost immediately. I will always reccomend him!
Matthew McCauley
Matthew M.
Jesse kalter is highly professional and spot on in defense of your case. Jesse will ease your mind in preparing and executing the case. Jesse and staff are friendly, welcoming, and most important on top of everything. I recommend Jesse and his staff to anyone!
Jesse is a straight up attorney and does not gouge his clients!!! I have two bonehead sons that are not bad kids or criminal in any way. They are somewhat typical of most teenagers only thing is they're brain just doesn't register consequences, mainly due to disabilities. Jesse is smart enough to see it and he catches everything around him. I study people, I watch close, I can usually tell who is a chiseler and a phony. I can usually tell when someone possesses high intelligence and common sense. Jesse is neither a chiseler or phony and he's sharper than a tack. Don't even waste your time looking for another attorney, real and straight up people are hard to find. If your in trouble or your kids are, you don't want anyone else!!! Jesse gets it!!!! He handles the case and he is more than fair when it comes to compensation. If I could give 10 stars I would.
Richard Marquez
Richard M.
Mr. Kalter displayed a level of integrity I found very refreshing! Also his office and staff reflects his professionalism. I Would recommend to my neighbors ,friends and associates!
Donna Anderson
Donna A.
Jesse Kalter saved me from 2 battery charges.I could have a lot, lot worse outcome, but Mr. Kalter took care of it and was dismissed to a fine. My husband found him on the billboard on I 80. I called and he took me in, I'm so grateful.You need someone to get the job done, look no further. Mr. Jesse Kalter is your man, he listens and gives you the time you need when you see him.Thanks so very much Mr. Kalter. 10 Stars if I could.Your the best!!!!!
Chris Green
Chris G.
Jesse and his staff are highly professional. He gives you a straight up expectation for the outcome of your case and guides you towards the most desirable outcome. If you listen to Jesse, you will never be disappointed with his results. Worth every penny!
Anthony Marines
Anthony M.
It was great very friendly perfesonal Jesse Kalter Law is the Charlie Daniels of the courtroom look no where else u have the best i was very happy with my outcome if i ever need a attorney i well see the man Mr. Kalter and his staff Jessica is very nice and perfesonal i tell people if u need a lawyer go see Jesse. Hope u liked ur x-mas present and again thank you for all u did for me 1-29-2019
Brad Pinkham
Brad P.
Definitely recommend him, hes a great guy! Never had any issues before now and I'm glad I had him on my side
Ron Masko
Ron M.
Jesse did what every other attorney told me cant be done and did it for less. My freedom was worth every cent I paid Jesse. He's the BEST, I highly recommend him. Thanks Jesse. Ron Maskovich
Leo Mayfield
Leo M.
Jesse malted is a down to earth, trustable guy that will shoot you straight, do his best to ensure the most positive outcome for his clients. My family and I are very lucky to have him and I will definitely return if anything else ever arises. He was excellent and I have no complaints what so ever. Thank you Jesse and staff! You guys helped us very much. Ps. I still owe you some spy glasses lol. To all of you that don’t understand; his price was so reasonable that I told him he deserves a small thank you gift in return for being so affordable. To anyone who is in a bad situation-call Jesse, he’s a class act.
Eileen Avila
Eileen A.
Straight up, Honest, tells you the truth , doesn't sugar coat things to make you feel better which I appreciate, no false hopes . Always makes time to talk with you and to go see you .
Cheryl Ferrel
Cheryl F.
I can't say enough about this man. Jesse has been my Attorney for 10 years and I am so pleased at how he handles himself. Jesse is about making sure you got represented to the best of his ability and he gives all he has for his clients. Thank you Jesse for always keeping it real N fun in ruff times.
Trevor Wills
Trevor W.
Jesse was an amazing lawyer, couldn't have asked for a better one. He is very good about getting back to you quickly on questions and concerns. Also, he is very knowledgable and gets the job done right. His paralegal is also great, she helped out with everything as well. Highly recommended this team for your case. Through the whole process he was next to me every step of the way.
Lynn Koh
Lynn K.
Jesse is very helpful and does his best to give you peace of mind before a trial. I highly recommend using his services.
Kimberlee Kawachi
Kimberlee K.
Honest, dependable, and hard working are some words I would describe Mr. Kalter. He truly works for you! It’s hard to find people that care now a days and he DOES that, no questions asked!
Mike Henderson
Mike H.
Jesse is a smart professional lawyer. His has a huge amount knowledge and excitement for his field. I've never met someone who was so focused on and in touch with the needs and interests of his clients.
Virginia Brown
Virginia B.
You get what you pay for! He is professional and knowledgeable. I have recommend him to family and friends.If you need a fighter in your corner, Jesse Kalter is the man to have!
Franklin Reed
Franklin R.
I think Jesse Kalter Law is a great firm. From the minute I first contacted them they emediatly responded. Jesse called me himself, I explained my case, he stuck straight to the facts. His staff took a very professional look at everything, and didn't leave one question unanswered. Which ultimately resulted in exposing the truth of my case and walking away with a Not Guilty verdict at the end. Myself and my family were able to rest at ease, and continue our lives uninterrupted. We all appreciate what Jesse Kalter Law did for us. Thank you Jesse and staff.
Jeff K.
Jeff K.
I was arrested and charged for drugs,a felony charge,I was feeling scared,screwed,lost,until I went toJesse's office in Sparks,I was nervous wasn't sure...
Cheri Willis
Cheri W.
Your awesome Jesse Thank you and Jessica for all you did for our family. We greatly appreciate you both.
Rick Zentz
Rick Z.
Jesse Kalter is a compassionate, confident attorney who puts his client's needs first.
Mathew A. Work
Mathew A. W.
Jesse is always prepared and ready to go on behalf of his clients. Top flight guy and attorney.
Kathleen Walker
Kathleen W.
My husband was arrested for DUI, but the circumstances were questionable. We are seniors and my husband has many medical problems and was worried about going to jail even for a short time. Jesse was professional, knowledgeable and was confident he could help us. Although, we didn't "win the case", Jesse kept his promise and not only did my husband not have any time in jail, Jesse negotiated the minimum in sentencing all the way around. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jesse. He didn't let us down!
Stephen Schofield
Stephen S.
As a fellow attorney, I endorse Jesse Kalter. He is an excellent criminal defense attorney. I have had the opportunity to personally see Jesse in action in a jury trial. He skillfully engaged and persuaded the jury and obtained a favorable outcome for his client.