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Ways Doctors Can Disprove Domestic Violence Allegations

Ways Doctors Can Disprove Domestic Violence Allegations

Ways Doctors Can Disprove Domestic Violence Allegations

Medical Doctors Provide Vital Insight When Defending Domestic Violence Allegations

In every domestic violence case, the burden of proof falls on the State. Even if you are innocent, once the charges have been filed, the State of Nevada must take over the case and prosecute it. Therefore, you will want to put together a case that shows the domestic violence allegations are false. If there is physical harm, the prosecution may call on its own examiners to review any evidence and testify. This may be a medical doctor, or someone qualified to explain any medical records surrounding the event. Or, it may be law enforcement to testify the injuries are consistent with the allegations

If this occurs, you may want to consider finding a doctor to testify on your behalf. There are several factors that medical doctors can review and testify on to reinforce your case. However, it is not advised to contact medical professionals on your own before you have a good lawer. In a situation like this, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer to defend you.

Two Defenses Against Domestic Violence Allegations Which Doctors Can Reinforce

No Visible Marks

In some domestic violence cases, the victim will claim internal or external bodily injury. This often means that the alleged victim’s injuries required medical treatment or possibly there was serious impairment of a physical condition. Bodily injuries also include the impairment of any bodily member or organ. Even though the victim did seek medical attention after the incident, that is not sufficient by itself to be considered a serious bodily injury.

An experienced domestic violence lawyer will often have a physician review all the medical records of the alleged victim. This medical doctor may be able to identify and testify that the injuries were not consistent with the alleged form of battery. It is possible this kind of testimony may lead to a “not guilty” verdict. It could also convince the prosecutor to file. Lesser charges relating to the incident, or reduce the domestic battery charge.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

The lies of vengeful dating partners and angry relatives are some of the leading reasons for false domestic violence allegations. In some cases, people actually self-inflict wounds to reinforce their allegations. This can include hitting, scratching, or cutting themselves. Other alleged victims will intentionally run into doors or will strike themselves with heavy objects.

Showing this kind of evidence is false requires the expertise of a domestic violence attorney. A case like this requires a full evaluation and review of the case. Medical doctors can be called on your behalf to review the documented medical evidence and distinguish between genuine injuries and self-inflicted ones. The prosecution’s evidence may be shown to be too weak or inadequate to support a guilty verdict, and as a result, the charges may be dropped or a “not guilty” verdict rendered.

Jesse Kalter is Ready to Fight Your False Domestic Violence Allegations

Having a medical doctor review the evidence is just one step in building a strong case to defend domestic violence allegations. Witnesses still need to be identified and their testimony reviewed. Jesse Kalter has the expertise and resources to begin collecting vital evidence to defend your innocence. His pursuit of justice has earned his clients countless “not guilty” verdicts and complete dismissals. He is available to assist the people of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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