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Jesse Kalter is a Defense Attorney with Experience in Felony Charges and Misdemeanors

Facing felony charges or any other criminal charges can be a very scary and stressful process to have to undertake. While a person can walk this line alone, it is very wise to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Whether someone is facing felony charges, drug crimes, sexual assault crimes, or homicide, all of these charges need to be treated very carefully. They require an in-depth knowledge of the law across multiple areas. They also require an attorney/lawyer who takes the time to understand his client’s side.

Jesse Kalter has been defending the citizens of Reno and the surrounding area for more than a decade. His law firm has defended thousands of cases including DUI, domestic battery, fraud, and murder. In many cases he has achieved a “not guilty” verdict or had the charges reduced.

Three Reasons to Contact Jesse Kalter Law After an Arrest

  • 100% Client Focused
    When a client comes to the office for a free case evaluation, they sit down with an actual lawyer, usually Jesse. He is dedicated to guiding his clients through this very troubling time from beginning to end. Jesse knows that in order to build the best possible defense strategies he needs to be the one asking his clients the questions and overseeing the research. He is always available for client questions and makes sure to appear for every part of the courtroom proceedings with his clients. Jesse’s clients never go to court alone or unprepared.
  • Available 24 Hours a Day
    Jesse knows that when a client is facing felony charges, or even a misdemeanor, communication is key to the best possible court outcome. That’s why he makes sure to make himself as accessible as possible. He is available by email twenty-four hours a day and his clients can reach him by phone, or just walk-in to his office during business hours. Jesse is always ready to undertake legal challenges.
  • Dedicated to Fighting for the People of Reno and the Surrounding Area
    Jesse fell in love with Reno when he first moved here in 2001. He was exposed to a world of outdoors freedom and discovered a place and culture unlike any other. The people of Reno and the surrounding area are some of the friendliest and most enjoyable to be around. A person can be themselves without restrictions. It was in Reno that Jesse discovered his passion for “pointing dogs” and chukar hunting. So, it was no wonder that he would return after law school to establish his practice as a criminal defense attorney in 2006. He wants to make sure that every citizen of Reno and the surrounding area can enjoy the freedom of Nevada the way that he does himself.

Jesse Kalter is Always Ready to Fight for Your Freedom
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