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Jesse Kalter is an experienced drug crime and drug possession lawyer that builds a winning defense against some of the strictest drug crime laws in the country. Prosecutors and judges take drug possession, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, and other drug charges very seriously in Nevada. Many prosecutors will seek the mandatory prison sentences associated with these drug crimes.

That’s why it is important to never admit to anything without speaking with an experienced drug possession lawyer. In many drug possession and drug trafficking charges, a defendant’s rights against unconstitutional search and seizure have been violated! Jesse Kalter has successfully gotten drug possession charges thrown out due to the violation of the Fourth Amendment. An experienced drug possession lawyer will know the Fourth Amendment inside and out

Jesse Kalter Law Can Defend Against Multiple Kinds of Drug Crimes and Allegations:

Marijuana DUI

  • Marijuana DUI– This charge means that the driver has been caught operating a motor vehicle and marijuana has rendered the driver impaired to operate a vehicle.
  • Possible Defenses for Marijuana DUI
    • Driver was not Under the Influence– The symptoms of marijuana intoxication can also be attributed to lack of sleep, being around cigarette smoke, or even agitation from the officer’s questioning. An experienced DUI lawyer could prove that the officer misinterpreted these signs.
    • No Probable Cause– Unless the stop is part of a DUI checkpoint, the prosecution will have to prove the arresting officer had enough probable cause to pull over the driver.
    • Faulty Testing Equipment– An experienced Reno DUI lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation of the chemical test done.

Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Controlled Substances

  • Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Controlled Substance Possession– Unlawful possession of a controlled substance means for personal use and not for sale. Under Nevada Revised Statute 453.336 it is a Category E felony for first or second offenses and Category D felony for the third or subsequent offenses. These charges are punishable by up to four years in prison and/or fines up to $5,000.
  • Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Controlled Substance Possession for the Purpose of Sale– Under Nevada Revised Statute 453.337 this charge is a Category D felony for the first offense, Category C felony for the second offense, and Category B for a third offense. A third offence carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison with no probation and/or fines up to $20,000.
  • Trafficking Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Controlled Substance – Under the Nevada Revised Statute 453.3385, this charge is a Category B felony if you knowingly or intentionally sell, manufacture, deliver or bring into Nevada at least 100 grams of a schedule 1 controlled substance. It is a Category A felony for 400 grams or more. When charged with any of these felonies prison sentences are mandatory.
  • Possible Defenses for Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Controlled Substance-Related Crimes:
    • Meth/Heroine/Cocaine/Control Substance Belonged to Someone Else– meth/heroine/cocaine or controlled substances can be planted on a person by someone else.
    • Entrapment– A person can be tricked into purchasing meth/heroine/cocaine or controlled substances from a member of the police force when they were not otherwise going to purchase anything.
    • Mishandled Evidence– Tests are not always accurate and equipment can go faulty. Experienced drug crimes and drug possession lawyers will always look here.
    • Illegal Search and Seizure-The Fourth Amendment protects you and your personal property from being searched and seized by the government without a warrant.
    • There was No Intention to Sell– the quantity alone of meth/heroine/cocaine and controlled substances does not mean a person intends to sell it. It could be for personal use.

Prescription Medication

  • Illegal Possession of Prescription Pills– An individual can be charged with this under Nevada Revised Statue Chapter 453 if they are in possession of any prescribed medication like Xanax, Vicodin, Ambien, Methadone, etc. This is only defensible if the accused can produce a signed prescription from their doctor, dentist, optometrist, or veterinarian. This charge carries a sentence of up to four years in prison.
  • Doctor Shopping– Under section 453.391 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, a person can be charged with doctor shopping if they knowingly obtain a prescription from a new practitioner while they are treated and supplied with a prescription from another practitioner and they do not disclose this to the new practitioner. Conviction of this crime can result in a category C felony with a prison sentence from one to five years and/or a fine up to $10,000.
  • Possible Defenses for Prescription Medication Related Crimes:
    • Prescription Pills Belonged to Someone Else– These pills could have simply been left by someone else.
    • Have a Prescription– In many cases all a client has to do is present a prescription for the medication from a doctor or healthcare provider.
    • Illegal Search and Seizure-The Fourth Amendment protects you and your personal property from being searched and seized by the government without a warrant.

Drug Paraphernalia

Drug Paraphernalia Possession – According to Nevada Revised Statue 453.566, a person can be charged with unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia if they use or possess the paraphernalia with the intent to introduce an illegal controlled substance into the human body. Paraphernalia can include scales, bongs, pipes, grinders, drug testing equipment, etc. This charge carries a sentence of up to six months in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines.

Possible Defenses for Drug Paraphernalia:

  • Drug Paraphernalia Belonged to Someone Else – These devices could have been left by someone else.
  • Device Not Used Illegally – If the device has not been used for an illegal activity then the case can be dismissed.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure -The Fourth Amendment protects you and your personal property from being confiscated unless probable cause of a crime can be proven.

Jesse Kalter is More Than a Drug Crimes and Drug Possession Lawyer

Jesse Kalter is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. His law firm has worked with all kinds of cases across multiple areas of the law. He is an experienced DUI attorney, domestic violence lawyer, and records expungement lawyer. He is also available to assist with sexual assault and lewdness charges, fraud/theft crimes, and homicide and murder charges. Jesse Kalter Law has successfully gotten hundreds of cases dismissed or reduced sentences through a deep understanding of the law and a tenacious pursuit of justice. He is available to serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas Country, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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