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4 Reasons to Work with a Drug Defense Attorney to get into Nevada Drug Court

4 Reasons to Work with a Drug Defense Attorney to get into Nevada Drug Court

A Good Drug Defense Attorney is Experienced with Nevada Drug Court

A Good Drug Defense Attorney is Experienced with Nevada Drug Court

Nevada Drug Court is an alternative to both incarceration and conviction for some narcotics crimes and/or crimes in which drugs are a factor. Not everyone receives admittance to the program but hiring a drug defense attorney is the best way to receive a favorable outcome. Nevada Drug Court was established in 1992 with the mission to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts through intensive therapy and judicial intervention. The program focuses on outpatient counseling while advancing and stabilizing a person’s education and employment. This method has proven that it can reduce or eliminate many people’s involvement in criminal activity and avoid felony convictions.

Why Complete Nevada Drug Court?

A person can avoid jail time and keep the conviction off their record if they complete the program. To get into the program, it must also be proven that they meet the criteria for admittance into the program. A person must be fully informed about their rights and processes involved with Nevada Drug Court. A drug defense attorney can help with both of these areas and some will even become a part of a person’s rehabilitation team to see they overcome their addiction.

4 Reasons to Hire a Drug Defense Attorney for Nevada Drug Court

1. Drug Court Information/ Full Disclosure

Nevada Drug Court is an alternative to the traditional justice system and a person does not have to go. There is always a choice, and good choices are informed choices. An experienced drug defense attorney can explain every step of the 18-month process associated with Drug Court. They are knowledgeable of things like cost, amount of court supervision, and the terms of the confidentiality waiver. A drug defense lawyer will also take the time to explain that participation in the program may compel a formal admission of guilt and may result in the wavier of legal defenses should treatment fail. A drug defense attorney will also know when trial is a better option.

2. Building a Case for Nevada Drug Court Admittance

Drug court is for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol seeking rehabilitation. A person may not be eligible for the program if they have had a history of violence, drug sales, or drug trafficking. During a judge’s consideration to offer Drug Court all factors are reviewed before someone is admitted. Hiring a drug defense lawyer greatly increases the chances of being accepted into this rehabilitation program. They have the experience and knowledge to present a case’s circumstances empathetically and convince the judge that Drug Court is the right step in a person’s rehabilitation and why it’s better for society as a whole.

3. Defining the Drug Court “Contract”

There are different diversion programs available and their rules and regulations vary. However, there are some areas of the treatment that a good drug defense attorney will investigate and negotiate to get the best possible treatment for their defendant. A lawyer will focus on the contours of the treatment program. They can negotiate things such as frequency of visits to therapists, number of drug tests and other factors that contribute to a successful completion of the program.

4. Negotiate Confidentiality

As a participant in the Nevada Drug Court, a person must give up their right to confidentiality. Relevant portions of a person’s medical record are shared with the government and prosecution. Other evidence and confessions can be collected during this time as well. A drug defense attorney can negotiate complete confidentiality of information provided to the court and to the government during the course of drug court proceedings and that this information goes no further.

Jesse Kalter Is an Experienced Drug Defense Attorney

Completing Nevada Drug Court is many times favorable to the alternative. A defendant retains their freedom while completing the course and even avoids the conviction on their record. The charge will be dismissed and sealed, and it will never have to be mentioned on any applications or background checks. Jesse Kalter has the experience and knowledge to achieve these kinds of results for his clients. His dedication to the justice system has gotten hundreds of clients admitted to the Nevada Drug Court program or other similar programs. He is available to serve the people of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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