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Consequences for Selling Marijuana on the Street in Nevada

Consequences for Selling Marijuana on the Street in Nevada

Selling marijuana on the street

There are Still Big Consequences in Nevada for Selling Marijuana on the Street

Nevada has been one of the model states for recreational marijuana in legislation, regulation, distribution, and sales. However, there are still many people illegally selling marijuana on the street in Nevada. The “marijuana black market” is still active. One reason for the black market is the number of dispensaries in Nevada is allocated based on population. There are 106 licensed marijuana dispensaries in Nevada–80 in Las Vegas, 20 in Reno, and 4 in Carson City. That means the rest of Nevada has two dispensaries.

Just because marijuana is being sold on the street does not mean it is legal. You will be charged with a felony If you are caught selling marijuana and you are not a licensed dispensary.

Consequences for Adults Selling Marijuana on the Street

The state generated more than $110M in marijuana tax and administration fees. To protect this ever-increasing income, the state legislature wrote harsh penalties for people intending to sell or selling marijuana on the street.

First Time Offense Marijuana Possession with Intent to Sell

  • Class D Felony
  • Up to 4 years in prison
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

Second Time Offense Marijuana Possession with Intent to Sell

  • Class C Felony
  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to $10,000 in fines
Selling Marijuana on the Street Can Land you in Prison
Selling Marijuana on the Street Can End with a Prison Sentence

Consequences for Minors Selling Marijuana on the Street

Possession of marijuana by anyone under the age of 21 is an illegal offense. Anyone under the age of 18 will be prosecuted in juvenile court. The proceedings are very different there. In order to prove a juvenile was selling marijuana on the street, it must be proven that the juvenile intended to sell the marijuana to another person. Other evidence is taken into consideration as well, including the amount of drugs found in the juvenile’s possession and past criminal record.

The penalties for possession of drugs in juvenile court vary and can include:

  • Drug counseling – These can be group settings or one-to-one counseling.
  • Probation – The court can mandate specific activities for a designated period of time, such as school attendance, working a job, participating in counseling, doing community service, or other requirements.
  • Diversion – A pre-trial program much like probation that can be completed without having to go before a juvenile court judge.
  • Detention – This penalty is very extreme for drug possession and involves confining the youth to their home, placement with a foster family, placement in a juvenile home, or placement into a juvenile detention center.

Jesse Kalter has an In-Depth Understanding of Nevada Drug Possession and Sales Laws

There are several arguments to use when defending against drug sale charges, such as entrapment. The police could lack credibility, or the police may have performed an illegal search. If you or someone you know is facing these kinds of charges, contact Jesse Kalter. His relentless pursuit of justice has earned him countless “not-guilty” verdicts. His legal expertise has led to cases being completely dismissed. He is available to serve the people of Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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