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Football Party Plus Beer Can Equal Jailtime: 4 Tips for Avoiding a DUI this Season

Football Party Plus Beer Can Equal Jailtime: 4 Tips for Avoiding a DUI this Season

Football Party Plus Beer Can Equal Jailtime: 4 Tips for Avoiding a DUI this Season

Avoiding a DUI Leaves More Time for Games in the Future

As the excitement of the football season descends on America so starts the sharp increase in the number of DUIs. Avoiding a DUI doesn’t mean driving around police checkpoints or eating a handful of breath mints. It is a matter of knowing your limits and planning accordingly.

In a recent study published in Science Daily, it was determined that eight percent of all professional football game attendees leave a football game legally drunk. That equated to roughly 5,000 game attendees drinking and driving after the final whistle is blown. A DUI is a complete life changer. Not only do you have to pay hefty fines and possible jail time, but you could lose your license, your job, and even your friends. The safest action for Avoiding a DUI after the big game is not drinking AND driving. However, if you are going to drink during tailgating or the game (or both), be sure to do it responsibly.

4 Tips for Avoiding a DUI after the Game

1. Plan Accordingly

Attending a tailgate party, football game, or another sporting event always involves some kind of travel.  Whether it is to the stadium or from it, taking the time to plan every step of the event is the smartest move. That doesn’t mean someone has a minute by minute itinerary. It means making sure all the bases are covered. Before stepping out of the door, a fan should secure their personal belongings, transportation to and from the event, and know how much money they plan to spend. This means they don’t need to drive, they won’t lose their license, and they can’t drink more than planned because they didn’t bring enough money. Most importantly, save enough money for the cab/Uber home!

2. Eat Throughout the Tailgate Party or Game

One of the easiest ways to combat getting drunk, and thus avoiding a DUI, is to continue to eat. Eating foods, especially crackers, tortilla chips, popcorn, and water will significantly reduce a person’s level of inebriation by replacing the necessary electrolytes to keep a level head. Eating after consuming alcohol is also a great way to bide the time when waiting for a buzz to subside. Plus, eating at the game to prevent a DUI is guilt-free! 🙂

3. Designate a Driver, Call a Cab, or Download a Ride Share App

If no travel plans have been made and someone becomes too impaired to drive, then finding someone else to drive is the best step to avoiding a DUI. It might make a car owner worry to leave their car in a lot or another public place, but the hassle of getting the car the next day is nothing compared to the hassle of handling a DUI charge. So, download the Lyft or Uber app, call a cab, or find a friend and make sure the roads stay safe.

4. Stop Drinking or Switch to a Non-Alcoholic Drink After the First Quarter

It is recommended that a person wait at least forty-five minutes to an hour after their last sip of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Most football games can run in excess of three hours long. By finishing the last drink at the end of the first quarter, a person will have plenty of time to sober up, especially if the game goes into overtime. However, this of course depends on what has already been consumed.

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