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Places to Live if You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Battery and a Temporary No Contact Order is Issued

Places to Live if You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Battery and a Temporary No Contact Order is Issued

Places to Live if You’ve Been Charged with Domestic Battery and a Temporary No Contact Order is Issued

If You’ve Been Served a No Contact Order You Most Likely Can’t Go Home

A no contact order is a court-ordered mandate instituted to protect alleged victims from their abusers. Most commonly they are issued in the event of domestic violence situations. When charged with domestic battery in the state of Nevada, you may be charged and then released until your scheduled court appearance. You will have to sign a promise to appear before you are released. This document requires you to appear in court on an assigned date. You may also be served a no contact order while waiting for your court date. This document states that you will not have any contact with the victim. The no contact order is valid through the end of the case if the judge deems it necessary.

A criminal no contact order says you can not contact the victim by any of the following methods:

  • In person
  • Through a third party such as a friend or family member
  • By phone, email, text message, or any other messaging or social media format
  • In writing, such as a mailed letter or other written message

If you violate a no contact order, consequences can include returning to jail, payment of fines, or loss of certain civil rights. Even if the victim tells you that they have dropped the case, the no contact order is in effect until the judge says otherwise. Do not, under any circumstances, believe that the victim can drop either the case or a no contact order by themselves. It requires the act of a judge.

A List of Potential Places to Live When You’ve Been Given a No Contact Order and Can’t Go Home

If you’ve been charged with domestic battery and served a no contact order, going home likely isn’t an option. It can feel like you’ve been left with nowhere to live, but there are options.

  • Family or Friends: The first stop during a difficult time like this should be friends and family. Their support is vital to recovering from something like this. Unfortunately, in the current situation of COVID-19, this option may not be viable. You may end up sleeping in a tent in their backyard.
  • Hotel or motel: This option does require you have to access to money. Hopefully, it is just for a night or two until you can locate better accommodations or get the no contact order lifted.

If you are unable to find a place with family and friends or you don’t have the money to stay in a hotel or motel, there are several organizations dedicated to assisting you.

  • Churches: There are multiple churches across Northern Nevada that can help you with temporary housing. Some even have some on sight, such as Reno Sparks Gospel Mission.
  • Homeless Shelter: Here is a list provided by the City of Reno on the available shelters, their locations, and contact information.
  • Food Bank: This option will certainly help you find some food if you can’t afford it. It can also help you to locate resources that will assist with housing. Here is a link to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.
  • Community Services Agency Reno: Community service agencies are dedicated to empowering individuals and families to become self-sufficient through advocacy, results-based programs, and community partnerships. You can find the Community Service Agency of Reno here.
  • Offender Services: You may have been put under some kind of monitoring system provided by an offender services agency. Currently, all Reno courts have a similar agency. Your case manager may have valuable insight on finding somewhere to live while you’re awaiting your trial.

How to Get the No Contact Order Lifted

  • The alleged victim requests it and the judge approves
  • Your domestic battery lawyer files a request for a hearing for the judge to consider dropping it
  • Your domestic battery lawyer gets the prosecutor to agree to lift it (usually they will first reach out to the alleged victim to get their thoughts)

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Domestic battery charges can’t be dropped by the victim alone. Once the case comes to the district attorney, they are obligated to pursue the case to its conclusion if they believe they can prove it. Even if you are innocent, and the alleged victim wants to drop the charges, you still must show up in court. In order to obtain the best possible outcome, you need to have an experienced domestic battery lawyer by your side. Jesse Kalter is highly experienced in domestic battery law. His continued pursuit of justice has earned countless not-guilty verdicts and gotten other cases completely dismissed. He is available to serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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