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Short and Long-Term Effects of Nevada DUI Penalties

Short and Long-Term Effects of Nevada DUI Penalties

Short and Long-Term Effects of Nevada DUI Penalties

Hiring a DUI Lawyer Helps Avoid the Life Changing Effects of Nevada DUI Penalties

Despite all the police warnings, MADD, and strict Nevada DUI Penalties, people all over the state still get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking too much alcohol. If you are caught, the police will turn what was supposed to be a short trip home into a dizzying circus that will negatively affect your life for years to come.

Most people are aware of the immediate consequences of Nevada DUI penalties. This includes jail fines, alcohol classes, license suspension, and community service. However, the long-term ramifications of having a DUI on your record can affect your job, your education, and your housing situation. Taking the time to learn all the consequences of a DUI can help you make a better decision if you are ever charged with a DUI.

Immediate Penalties of a DUI

The immediate penalties of a DUI come from the sentencing handed down by a judge. These sentences become harsher and harsher with each successive DUI within a seven-year period, or if there was death or substantial bodily harm to someone else.

First Offense

A first time DUI offense can result in two days to six months in jail, or 48-96 hours of community service. The fines range from $400 to $1,000 plus court costs. You must also attend a Nevada DUI school and Nevada Victim Impact Panel at your own expense. If you BAC was .18 or higher, you may have to enter a drug abuse treatment program. You will also have a Breath Interlock Device installed on your car. Your license will also be suspended if you don’t install a Breath I.D.

Second Offense

The penalties for a Second Offense are ten days to six months in jail! The fines range from $750 to $1,000. You must attend the Nevada Victim Impact Panel, a lengthy alcohol abuse treatment program, after obtaining an alcohol/ drug dependency evaluation—all three are at your own expense. You will have your license suspended for a year and an ignition interlock device may be installed in your vehicle for a whole year or more.

Third Offense

This is the last chance. The result of a Third DUI conviction in seven years is one to six years in prison. The fines range from $2,000 to $5,000. You must attend the Victim Impact Panel at your own expense. Your license will be suspended for three years, and a breath interlock device will be installed in your car for twelve to thirty-six months.

Long Term Penalties of a DUI

Fines, prison time, driver’s license suspension, and interlock devices are the immediate consequences that most Nevadans know about. However, Nevada DUI penalties have far-reaching effects long after you have served your jail sentence, done classes, and paid the fine. These are just a few of the areas that can be affected by a DUI arrest.

Marred Background Checks

Background checks are commonplace in America. You can’t get a job, rent a home, or apply to a college without someone running a background check. Having a DUI on your background check can, and does, hinder your ability to get a job or a new rental. Bosses and homeowners are much more apt to hire or rent their property to someone without a criminal record.

Auto Insurance Rate Increase

Many people have heard of SR-22 insurance or DUI auto insurance. This is the only kind of insurance that is available to you if you have been convicted of a DUI. The rate hike associated with this kind of insurance can be as much as 53% more than the regular insurance. Premiums can rise to an annual fee of $2,000 to $3,000 a year or more depending on your auto insurer. You also have to carry this insurance for a minimum of three years. The wait can be longer for a second DUI.

Personal and Professional Relationships Ruined

If your criminal charges of any kind become public knowledge, they can ruin your reputation. DUIs are no exception. Friends could no longer want to ride with you in the car and many may go to great lengths to avoid you. Others could begin treating you completely differently. Your professional relationships can also be put into ruins. Your boss could potentially fire you from your position if your job requires you to drive as part of it. Other co-workers might ostracize you or begin scrutinizing your work ethics and efforts.

College Scholarship Program Denial

As part of competing for a college scholarship, your background will likely be checked. If they find a DUI, then chances are that you will be denied. In such a competitive space, one infraction can be the deciding factor between you or someone else getting the scholarship.

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