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Staying Safe in Reno While Enjoying the Reopening of Casinos and Some Bars

Staying Safe in Reno While Enjoying the Reopening of Casinos and Some Bars

Safety is Paramount When Returning to Reno Casinos, Restaurants, and Bars

Safety is Paramount When Returning to Reno Casinos, Restaurants, and Bars

Casinos reopened in Northern Nevada June 5, 2020. With the pandemic still looming, it’s important to focus on staying safe in Reno. Northern Nevadans couldn’t be happier to be returning to some of their pre-pandemic past times. However, it’s important that everyone continues to do their part to combat the Coronavirus. The casinos are doing their part. They have installed protective shields, increased cleaning, dirty linens are bagged, and toiletries are now sealed in a plastic bag. You need to be doing your part as well. There are also several steps individuals can take to augment the CDC measures.

Recommended Guidelines for Staying Safe in Reno Casinos, Bars and Restaurants

According to, there are several steps individuals should be taking when going out in public places.

  1. Social Distancing is Still a Must. It’s important to remember that particles can be ejected from people’s mouths during coughing, sneezing, and even breathing. Remaining six feet apart from people you aren’t quarantining with ensures that you aren’t exposed to them.
  2. Gather with family and Friends in Outdoor Areas. If the host offers you outdoor seating, then take it. There is more ventilation outdoors and there is more room to spread out, ensuring social distancing.
  3. Refrain from Hugging and Physical Contact. If you’re not quarantining with them, then you shouldn’t be touching them. In this time, as families come together, it will be difficult to keep from hugging them, but it will ensure the end of widespread coronavirus.
  4. Take the Stairs or the Next Elevator. To avoid overcrowding, you should try to take the stairs whenever possible or wait for the next available elevator.
  5. Wear a mask. This is especially important if you are at risk with preexisting conditions. The only time you should remove the mask is to sip drinks or eat food, but even then you could be endangering yourself.
  6. Clean Your Hands After Touching Communal Surfaces. This would mean washing your hands or using hand sanitizer after every gaming machine and communal surface you touch.

Drinking Alcohol in Casinos, Bars, and Restaurants During the Reopening

With the lockdown in place, many people have gotten used to consuming alcohol at home. They’ve learned how to regulate themselves and their consumption based on that surrounding. It’s important to remember that things may be a little different once you return to your favorite bar or gambling machine. So, here are a few points to consider when going out.

  1. Limit the Amount of Time at the Casino or Bar. This can be helpful two-fold. It will limit your exposure to the virus and it will also limit how many drinks you will have.
  2. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Set a reasonable limit of two or three drinks for the entire evening. Social drinking can result in more drinking than anticipated, and people’s tolerances will have changed during the lockdown.
  3. Always Remember to Call a Cab. If you do have too much to drink, it’s important to always call a cab. Never drink and drive.

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