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Tips for Avoiding Wrongful Domestic Violence Accusations

Tips for Avoiding Wrongful Domestic Violence Accusations

Tips for Avoiding Wrongful Domestic Violence Accusations

Wrongful Domestic Violence Accusations Need an Experienced Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious crime. Being accused of domestic violence charges can destroy a person’s reputation, finances, and their future. If someone is convicted of domestic violence charges, they can be stripped of their home and custody of their children on top of serving jail time.

With such serious criminal and social implications, it’s no wonder that many people use domestic violence allegations as a means to an end. Women and men are quick to use these charges for several reasons.

Reasons for wrongful domestic violence accusations include:

  • Attaining a favorable outcome in divorce proceedings
  • Getting attention
  • Turning the children against one of the parents
  • Gaining custody of children
  • Getting even
  • Getting rid of a spouse or partner
  • Jealousy or infidelity

Women have had a long hard struggle against domestic violence. As a result, most people are quick to except that when a someone accuses their spouse of domestic violence, they are telling the truth. This is especially true for police officers and district attorneys.

Wrongful domestic violence accusations and charges can be defeated. Consulting with an experienced domestic violence lawyer is the most important step to achieving a favorable outcome.

4 Tips for Avoiding Wrongful Domestic Violence Accusations

1. Watch for early warning signs

People who tend to use false allegations have certain personality traits and characteristics in common. Typically, these people are emotionally unstable and/or vindictive. They will have a constant track record of emotional outbursts, public and private, and constant and aggressive demands for attention. They can also have a history of lashing out when things don’t go their way and tendencies towards jealousy. If this is something you’ve noticed about your spouse or partner, it is best to consult with an attorney and ask for advice about moving forward.

2. Confide in Friends and Family

The next step, after speaking with an experienced domestic violence attorney, is to begin talking with family and friends you trust. This trust is the most important support system that will help you through difficult times. If an erratic pattern has emerged in your partner and they are threatening to go to the police, tell your friends and family what is happening. They are most likely not going to get involved but they will continue to trust you.

3. Keep Login Credentials Private or Change all Your Login Credentials

An emotional and vindictive partner will go to some great lengths to plant evidence. If they get their hands on your cell phone or business computer, they could post things on social media or send emails that could be damning to you. They could claim you were flirting with someone else or even provide threatening emails they sent to themselves from your accounts. If you suspect your partner is going to wrongfully accuse you of domestic violence, change all your login credentials or make sure they are kept private.

4. Gather evidence and witnesses

The more evidence you can gather, the stronger your case will be. The only way to overcome the emotional subjective testimony of someone accusing you of domestic violence is with concrete evidence and facts. Record conversations, fights, and emotional outbursts. Keep a journal and outline each interaction including the date. Talk to friends and family who have witnessed any interactions. You may also want to check if they would stand as a witness if needed. Always save texts, voicemails, and the like from your significant other who is acting erratic.

Jesse Kalter Fights for Your Freedom from Wrongful Domestic Violence Charges

Standing against domestic violence charges, even if they are wrongful domestic violence charges, is a difficult thing to do by yourself when overcoming the accusations takes real legal experience. In order to get the best possible outcome, you need to get the assistance of an experienced domestic violence lawyer. Jesse Kalter has a successful track record of getting wrongful domestic violence charges dismissed, with and without a trial, and getting his clients back to their lives. He is available to serve Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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