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What You Can Expect After Your Spouse or Significant Other is Arrested for Domestic Violence

What You Can Expect After Your Spouse or Significant Other is Arrested for Domestic Violence

What You Can Expect After Your Spouse or Significant Other is Arrested for Domestic Violence

Having Your Spouse or Significant Other Arrested for Domestic Violence in Nevada is a Serious Offense

All too often what was supposed to be a simple conversation turns into a shouting match. Tempers flare and, one way or another, the police have arrived to put an end to the fight. As they drive away with your spouse or significant other in the back of the squad car, you’re left thinking, “It wasn’t supposed to end like this.”

However, this is only the beginning. From here the State of Nevada will begin the process of prosecuting your spouse or significant other for domestic violence. Even if you come forward and try to drop the charges, the district attorney is required to prosecute the case if they believe the evidence supports guilt.

What You Can Expect After Your Spouse or Significant Other Has Been Arrested for Domestic Violence

Arrest and Booking

If the police determine that domestic violence has occurred, they must arrest who they believe is the primary aggressor. Your spouse or significant other will be arrested and placed in the back of the squad car. From there, they will be taken to jail where they will be fingerprinted, photographed, and DNA may be collected. After this, they will sit in a holding cell for a minimum of 12 hours before being eligible to make bail.

The Arraignment

The arraignment hearing is held within the first 48 hours of being arrested if your spouse or significant other remains in custody. At this hearing, your spouse or significant other:

  • Will be informed of the charges brought against them.
  • Will have bail reviewed. If the crime is too severe or the defendant is a flight risk, some judges will deny a bail reduction or even increase it.
  • Will have conditions of release established by the judge, likely including a no-contact order, weapons ban, and drug and alcohol abstinence.
  • Will have their need for a public defender reviewed (if the defendant is indigent).
  • Will have their next court appearance scheduled.

Steps You Can Take to Help Reduce the Charge or Dismiss the Case

Contact a Qualified Domestic Violence Attorney

There are several defenses for domestic violence charges. However, building a good defense against these charges takes an in-depth understanding of the law. To get the best possible outcome it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced domestic violence lawyer.

Do Not Recant Your Statement without a Lawyer

The initial instinct of someone in a situation like this is to immediately take back what they said to police following the incident. This can reflect poorly on your spouse or significant other and you can be charged for falsifying a statement. If you wish to change or amend your statement, then you should first contact your lawyer.

Follow your Attorney’s Advice at All Stages of the Proceeding

Following the direction of your attorney is the best way to make sure that what you say is used to benefit and not make things worse. Everything you say is carefully scrutinized and can be used against you and your spouse or significant other, so it is in your best interest to vet everything with your defense attorney first. Your behavior after the arrest will also be monitored. It too can be used as evidence of aggravation by the prosecution.

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