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How to Get Your Nevada Record Sealed from Out of State

How to Get Your Nevada Record Sealed from Out of State

How to get your Nevada records sealed from out of state

You Can Still Get Your Nevada Record Sealed from Out of State

Having a criminal record can impede you from getting a job, renting a home, or qualifying for certain state and federal programs. The state of Nevada does not automatically seal criminal records. Once a record is sealed, it will not show up on a criminal background check and you can lawfully declare in a job interview, or under oath, that you do not have a criminal record. Even if you have left the state of Nevada, you can still petition to have your criminal record sealed.

5 Steps to Have Your Nevada Record Sealed from Out of State

The steps to sealing a criminal record in the state of Nevada are very detailed and time-consuming. It is highly recommended that if you are engaging in this process you should retain the assistance of a qualified record sealing attorney.

Step 1: Obtain Your Criminal History Record

A verified copy of your criminal history record can be obtained from the Nevada Department of Public Safety. They have up to 45 days to provide it to you once properly requested. You should contact this department directly at (775) 684-4556 or go to the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s public records request website to find out what information is required from you to process your request, such as fingerprint cards and cashier’s checks. You can obtain fingerprint cards at the local sheriff’s department. It is important to remember that there are fees associated with these documents. Be sure to ask how much they are and who they need to be paid to.

Step 2: Complete the Petition

You must complete the petition in full and then sign it in front of a notary to be accepted by the Court for record sealing. File the petition and the required documents from your criminal record with the Court. There is a filing fee that must be paid at the time of the filing. Have multiple copies available, so that you will have a file-stamped copy for your records.

The petition must contain:
• Date of arrest
• Arresting agency
• Agency case number
• Original charges under which the petitioner was arrested
• Charges formally charged
• Date and charges of which the petitioner was eventually convicted, or acquitted, or which were dismissed

The petition must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the criminal history records. It must contain a current verified copy of the petitioner’s criminal history from the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Step 3: File the Petition to Seal Record with the Court

Along with the Petition to Seal Record, you must also provide the Court with the proposed Order to Seal Records. You will need to provide as many copies of the Order to Seal Records as needed to notify all agencies that will be sealing their records of you. Ten copies are the recommended number. Remember, once the record has been sealed you will not be able to get any more copies.

Step 4: Judge’s Approval

Once the court receives all the necessary petitions, a hearing date will be set. It is a good idea to have representation at this hearing. If no one from the State opposes the Petition to Seal Record, then it will be left solely to the judge to decide whether the record should be sealed.

Record sealed from out of state
Your Nevada Record Sealed From Out of State Means Clearing Background Checks Again

Step 5: Distribution of Order to Seal Records

Once the judge approves the Order to Seal Records, the Court will produce certified copies of the Order and mail them to the petitioner. It is then the responsibility of the petitioner to distribute the copies to any agencies or organizations that might have a copy of the criminal record on file. The petitioner must also present a blank “return” for the agency or organization to fill out and return to the Court to prove compliance with the order.

Jesse Kalter can Get Nevada Criminal Records Sealed on Behalf of Out of State Petitioners

As a result of the COVID pandemic, all these steps can now be completed through the mail with your attorney. The difficulties arise when you have questions. You are free to call the agencies listed above, but you may spend more time on hold than talking to a real person. If you are out of state and sealing your Nevada criminal record, the easiest way to complete the task is to hire a knowledgeable record sealing attorney. Jesse Kalter has successfully petitioned the court on behalf of countless out-of-state residents with Nevada convictions to have their records sealed. His expertise has helped hundreds of people seal their past criminal convictions forever. He is available to seal criminal records in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Yerington, Douglas County, and all other Northern NV rural counties.

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